Services We Provide

Services we provide:

Design-Assist: Application, Permitting, Scheduling, Strategies for the build process

Design-Build: Pre-Construction, Construction, Warranty

What we bring to the project:

Early Design Team/Subcontractor Interaction
Constructability & Safety
Estimating & Budgeting
Value Engineering
Integrated Product Delivery
Advanced Construction Technologies & Web Based Project Management Tools

Markets we service:

Commercial: Apartments, Condominiums/Townhouses, Hotels, Multi-Family Communities,  Physical Therapy Facilities, Affordable Housing, Senior Housing

Residential: Custom Single-Family Homes, Developer Model Homes

What you get:

Enhanced Capabilities, Field Performance & Client Services
Cost Control
Quality Control
Schedule Performance
“Health & Wellness for The End User”
“Long Term Operational Satisfaction”

Our Workflow:

Design Assist / Design Build to
Pre-Construction to Construction to
Warranty & Servicing

Commercial Projects

Public Spaces

Residential Homes

Liquid Design Aquatic Consulting Company 

DBA: Liquid Design Pools


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